"John is a fine folk historian and songwriter with a solid track record of poignant, accurate, moving songs about Australian life and the history of 'the folk' (eg his CD Pithead in the Fern). He also has a heart for justice and a sensitivity to all sides of a story. These, plus his attention to details and his canny awareness of drama and irony make a brilliant marriage with his word-smithing skills and truly singable melodies."  –Fay White

"I like John's stuff too. Always makes me want to chain myself to something with a placard in my hand."  Coral Vorbach Oct 2007

Renowned for his well-crafted songs, John is an accomplished musician on the 6- and 12-string guitar and also bouzouki.
When he has a free hand he plays harmonica, whistle, and bodhran.
John also performs solo as a children's entertainer and can hold his own in any collection of poets and yarnspinners.

John has written a song for the Occupy movement - it's called the Percentages Game. Lyrics and soundbytes here.